1. Underneath the Granville Street Bridge

    By Zoe Nicholson

  2. Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, British Columbia

    By Zoe Nicholson

  3. Swan Lake, Victoria, BC

    By Zoe Nicholson

  4. By Zoe Nicholson

  5. The Flower Stand in Newgate Market, York by Brianna Bagshaw

  6. "County Houses 1-7", Off Monkgate in York, by Brianna Bagshaw

  7. The trees don’t look like this anymore

    By Zoe Nicholson

  8. The York Minster Chapter House, by Brianna Bagshaw

  9. Crab Trap on the dock, Whitby by Brianna Bagshaw

  10. The ceiling of the York Minster Chapter House, York by Brianna Bagshaw